Main program outcomes.

Become a leader!

Step up and learn skills to help others and make your community THE place to be!

Feel safe & strong!

Learn a game that makes you stronger, keeps you safe and gives you a pathway to a bright future!

Be a team player!

Over 4 days, gain knowledge and skills to support your community, join a team and give you and your friends a chance  at a better future. 

This program is run by BASED


BASED Wrestling was founded with inspiration from Karen Gregory in 2020. It is all about saving lives with wrestling and helping young people who are at risk. BASED Wrestling is part of Beat Aussie Streets and delivers all programs in the Beat Aussie Streets portfolio including

- "Beat Aussie Streets Every Day" - 10 week school aged program.

- "Tactile wrestling" for visually impaired and sighted people.

- "Pups" Fundamental movement program for 2-6 year olds.

- "Dingoes High Performance program" for 8+ years by invitation/selection only.

As an organisation, BASED conducts regular events to help people of all ages and walks of life get involved in wrestling and other grappling sports. BASED participates in a range of events including the Beach Bash Summer Series in Perth, WA, Tallinn Open, Estonia, Johnny Reitz Big 5, South Africa and the World Camp!

The focus is always on providing opportunity and experience for people to enjoy their sport, have fun and make friends. You will see people of all ages involved in all aspects of these events as players, officials, coaches and managers. Most of them are athletes as well however many are simply involved to learn new skills and be part of an awesome sport!

BASED is also a Kidsport WA organisation

BASED is also actively involved in club/team growth and development with uniform, mat and referee packages available. So, reach out and let us help your community get its game on!


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